Zuzana Podkonicka, MS has been practicing psychology for 6year in Bratislava, Slovakia as well as in Boston, USA. She offers therapy, counseling and EAP counseling in English and Slovak language.

Education & Experience


Zuzana Podkonická, MS

is a clinical psychologist with a certification in Gestalt psychotherapy. In 2007 she graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with focus on Mental Health. She gained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. During her practice in USA she completed training in Reality Therapy and also basic training in the Stress reduction program in the Mind Body Medical Institute in Boston and at the U-Mass Medical School in Worchester called Mindfulness based Stress Reduction. 

As part of her program of study she completed her internship at McLean Hospital in Boston, where she practiced her skills in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with patients with dual diagnosis and personality disorders. She also worked in the crisis unit in the psychiatric hospital, Arbour hospital, with patients diagnosed with severe mental illness. Zuzana has also attended training in hypnosis in October 2008. She has finished her specialization program for Clinical Psychology in 2012 by passing her final exam at Slovak Medical University and is now a licenced Clinical Psychologist. In 2017 she has completed her training in Gestalt psychotherapy in IVGT Institute in Prague and is now certified in Gestalt psychoterapy.

 Zuzana offers therapy for clients with mood disorders, including depression, manio depression, anxiety, stress disorders and psycho somatic problems. Her services include counseling during stressful life situations. Zuzana is experienced in psychological assessment. She has experience working at assessment and development centers.

Last ten years she has been practicing in Slovakia. First almost four years, as a counselor and psychologist at the psychological center, Salvus s.r.o. She was also teaching part time at the Slovak Medical University. Currently, she focuses on short term counselling, supporting employees in the employee assistance program. She is a guarant for EAP in Enef Consulting s.r.o.  She has her private practice. She also provides services as a consultant for companies and a trainer of soft skills.

Zuzana offers therapy in Slovak Language (native) as well as in English language.