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We live in a time when working people face many challenges during their lifetime related to their physical and mental health. One of the reasons is insufficient integration of work and private life. Stress factors are all around us and affect our job efficiency and success. Occasionally, a crisis or a traumatic situation may occur in life. These factors can negatively affect productivity and the business as a whole, as well as the business results, future client references, client return and revenues.

We believe that people matter. Employees who have the right resources to achieve physical, mental and financial health tend to be more engaged and productive. Leading and prosperous companies understand that addressing these employee needs is crucial for achieving the company’s goals.

The important question is - While the company is prospering and improving its business, are the lives of the people working there also improving? Today, it is a question of competitive advantage. People are aware of their needs, have expectations and are open to change. They are more willing than ever to change their jobs trying different companies to meet their needs and improve their well-being.

Support. Every person needs support, especially in difficult situations. Whether it's the support of an individual employee or the response to a traumatic event affecting the atmosphere within the company, we're here to help you. We're here when you need us. Our mission is to enhance efficiency in the workplace by engaging and supporting employees. We do everything for the mental and physical health of the employees. Mature companies focus on optimum satisfaction, health improvement and productivity through employee benefit systems.

The aim of the Employee Assistance Program is to provide services to your employees that will help them find preventive solutions to their concerns at work and in their private lives and improve their quality of life while improving their workplace efficiency.

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